Differences Between Sexes and Cannabis: June 18 Infographic

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By Professor of Pot
from www.Profofpot.com


Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Whoever wrote that was probably high enough to think that they were actually on another planet.

However, the reality is that men and women are different when it comes to the effects of cannabis. This has been tested in both male and female lab animals as well as in humans.

Some differences come from development and are irreversible. Other differences are based on sex hormones such as estrogen and may vary throughout a female’s monthly cycle.  One example of this is the effect of estrogen on the munchies.

Here are some cases where males and females differ when it comes to THC:

Body Temperature
Cannabis causes slight hypothermia, but this effect is stronger in males. Don’t forget to bring a jacket if you are lighting up outside, guys!

Estrogen can

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