Frog Wants To Redesign How America Gets High

People don’t believe they can consume cannabis in public, or with colleagues, even when it’s legalized. Meanwhile, medical marijuana has Americans picking up prescriptions to consume quietly as they might any other doctor-prescribed drug. You simply don’t tell your boss or your friends you’re about to take your Lipitor, even if you do take your medication at work. It’s simply a solitary experience. The same goes for medical marijuana.

“For the product to become something that’s a normal part of grown-up society, it has to evolve from a solo consumption occasion, to something that’s shared, talked about, and not considered hidden,” says Morey.

In other words, the weed industry needs to do what the retail industry needs to do in general: focus on experiences over products and encourage the public to consume cannabis in designed settings, together.

[Photo: Aniko Gerendi Enderle/iStock]


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