Erasing The Stain of Sexual Harassment in The Cannabis Industry

Sexual harassment is a widely discussed topic in today’s headlines, thrusting into the spotlight many practices that suggest women have been put into disadvantageous situations in many industries typically known or accepted as “boys clubs.” From #MeToo to Time’s Up, women are speaking out now more than ever before.

This includes women in the cannabis industry, once a male-dominated culture that is coming out of the shadows in the wake of increased legalization efforts around the world. As the industry steps into the light, unsavory practices that took place in the shade have begun to be revealed.

It is not uncommon for dispensaries to advertise on sites like Craigslist to fill positions for budtenders. Even today, in the wake of legalization in California, advertisements for female budtenders saturate the first page of the site’s “gigs” section. And nearly every advertisement notes that photos are required. There are few industries where it’s an

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