Medicine Woman Lizzy Jeff Is the Queen of the Cannabis Renaissance

The artist/budtender/medicine woman’s baby is a monthly, booze-free curation called Zen Kush. “It was a dope-ass party, but I don’t even like to call it a party,” Jeff told L.A. Weekly after the last one, held March 3. “It’s more like an experience, an experiential art show. All you had to do was come and be yourself.”

Featuring a lineup of musicians and dancers, astrologers and masseurs, a sound bath and cacao ceremony, and artisan edibles alongside actual art, Zen Kush has all the trappings of L.A. 2018 — a cultural revival, fueled by cannabis and a lust for wellness, healing and human connection.

Rather than some flashy bow to the Green Rush — everyone pushing product in your face in what’s become a commonplace parade of brands championing wellness inasmuch as it’s good for the brand — at Zen Kush, guests came to party for the

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