1906 High Love Chocolate Aphrodisiac Review

What do you get when you incorporate the sex-enhancing properties of weed with chocolate? The perfect aphrodisiac. High-end cannabis chocolatier 1906 introduced the first edible cannabis aphrodisiacs to the market in 2017, and I put both its classic High Love chocolates and newer espresso beans to the test. Before I go into the details, let’s just say I need a bedside box of these for every night.

High Love chocolates combine a microdose (five milligrams of THC per gem and bean) of cannabis with natural, passion-inducing botanical ingredients from around the world, including muira puama (what 1906 deems as the “Viagara of the Amazon”) and damiana (an ancient Aztec aphrodisiac). Unlike other weed edibles I’ve tried, High Love contains absolutely zero flavor notes of cannabis. In fact, I wouldn’t have guessed that it was anything other than a delicious chocolate had

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