Not only nasty women like adventurous sex

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: My Valentine’s gift has already been delivered — a kick to the face from a high-heeled shoe. My girlfriend has gone off to Vancouver with another guy. I found one shoe left in the closet and a note on the bed telling me not to follow her. As if I would!

Now I’m stuck with her half of the rent and a broken heart. I am so mad I can’t see straight. I realize now she was the witch everybody warned me about, but I thought it would be different because I was a higher grade of guy than she had ever known in her life. I’ve never committed a crime and this guy she left with has been in jail.

That little bit of nasty made her the edgiest and sexiest woman I’ve ever been with.

How can you say good riddance to the best sex you’ll ever have

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