This weed won’t get you high, but it has other perks

Tricia D., 65, thought that pot use was deep in her past. Then she found out about cannabidiol.

Hemp-derived and nonpsychoactive, the substance, also known as CBD, lacks THC, weed’s main component for making you high. It received a provisional endorsement from the National Institute of Drug Abuse in June 2015 for treating seizures and other neurological disorders.

Currently, though, CBD is still a legal gray area in weed-unfriendly states like New York. Only imported industrial hemp is permitted in these places, but the best hemp for CBD purposes is produced in America. Still, some spots flout the technicality — like Alchemist’s Kitchen, in Manhattan’s East Village, which sells CBD from Colorado.

Tricia, who asked to be identified by only her last initial for legal reasons, splits her time between Long Beach, NY, and Phoenix, where medical marijuana and US-produced CBD can be easily and legally obtained.

‘[CBD] makes us feel

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