You can now get high with Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky may now be known for something else.

Late Thursday, Lewinsky tweeted a screenshot of a marijuana product named after her.

“guys!” the 44-year-old wrote, along with wide-eyed emojis, of a jar of “Monica Lewinsky” weed strain.

The tweet she came across was posted by a photographer, but the strain was created by Sugarleaf Farms in Seattle, Washington.

According to, this particular weed sells for $104 per 14g. Sugarleaf retail partners are all located in Washington.

The product apparently has been around since 2016, according to a Facebook post from Sugarleaf, that the anti-bullying activist may not find as amusing as the tweet.

“Monica Lewinsky looking sexy as all getup. Look out Bill!!”

However,  Sugarleaf’s CEO told us he’d welcome a visit from her.

“We’d be honored if Monica Lewinsky herself would like to stop by for a tour so we can show her all the hard work that goes into producing world class cannabis and

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