‘The power of information – sex education helps cut teen pregnancy’, says Dr Miriam Stoppard

Who says sex education doesn’t work? At last, what I’ve been saying all along – teens are having less sex as risky behaviours such as smoking, using cannabis and drinking decline.

In particular, sex among black teens is down. And it’s because of sex ed. The power of good information.

This drop has occurred since 2010 when medically accurate information on sex, relationships, pregnancy, STIs and contraception was added to the school curriculum.

I’ve been advocating openness and candour about sex education for decades now. I even wrote a sex ed book for teenagers so they could be better informed. But uptake of the idea has been painfully slow.

Critics of sex ed claim it promotes promiscuity. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Sex ed breeds responsible sexual behaviour as our plummeting teenage pregnancy figures show.

It has achieved success where the repressive preaching to refrain from sex before marriage failed.

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