Women-owned Kikoko brews cannabis-infused tea in Emeryville

A cup of Kikoko’s Sensuali-Tea. Photo: Kathleen Harrison

Even a teetotaler would tip a cup to organic, boutique teas infused with microdoses of marijuana. That’s the idea behind a line of luxury cannabis teas out of Emeryville called Kikoko that put the ‘tea’ in THC. Founded by a pair of globe-trotting East Bay women in 2015, Kikoko has created tremendous buzz as of late with its famed High Tea parties that are occasions for wide-brim hats, floral dresses and mixing a spoonful of sugar with the medicine.

Women in vintage dresses and fascinator hats may not seem your typical marijuana demographic, but Kikoko’s founders tell Nosh they feel women are underserved in the infused cannabis product industry. While its teas are perfectly drinkable for anyone across the gender spectrum, Kikoko’s tagline is “I’ll have what she’s having” and

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