Cynthia Nixon, Democratic Candidate for New York Governor, Supports Legal Weed

Actress Cynthia Nixon, who is running against incumbent New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo in this year’s Democratic primary election, has just announced that she supports cannabis legalization. At a recent fundraiser, the former Sex and the City actress told attendees that she would legalize and tax the sale of recreational marijuana if elected as governor.

At the event, Nixon “said that if marijuana is legal, we can tax it and make a lot of money from that,” Julie Klam, an attendee of the event, told the New York Times. Dan Davenport, another attendee, described Nixon as “very exuberant” about the issue. Nixon announced her bid for governor only weeks ago, and this is the first mention of her support for cannabis reform. Other than this general promise, she has not provided any details regarding how she would approach legalization.

Recent polls have shown that the majority of New York voters support legalization,

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