Couple involved in lengthy bridge sex on bonfire night are fined

Woman fined 135 for giving blowjob in public while man is fined 300
(Picture: Kingdom News Agency)

A couple who ignored a CCTV operator’s demands to stop engaging in a blow job have been fined £435.

Frank Watt and Cheryl Johnstone admitted having sex in public under the Tay Road Bridge, Dundee, on Bonfire Night last year.

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The CCTV operator told Johnstone, 32, to stop performing oral sex on Watt but when he returned to his control room they had resorted to full sex.

They continued in their tryst for 35 minutes despite pedestrians and cyclists going past.

They only stopped to put their clothes back on when police arrived to arrest them.

Watt was fined £300 after it was revealed that he had

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