ASO: Man paid boys money, drugs for sex

A Gainesville man accused of paying a 14-year-old boy $6 for sex faces more charges after an investigation by the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office revealed he gave a 12-year-old boy $15 worth of cannabis, while requesting sexual favors.

Wilson Junior Badillo, 25, gave the 12-year-old boy and two 14-year-olds — one boy and the whose gender was unknown — cannabis and alcohol while they stayed with him at a home while the owner was out of town, a sheriff’s report says.

Badillo had permission to stay at the home and let the children stay with him after they left the Gainesville Interface Youth Program without permission or knowledge of staff, the report said.

Badillo told investigators that he was smoking cannabis and the 12-year-old told him he wanted some. Badillo told the 12-year-old he’d give him $15 worth of cannabis for sexual favors, the report says.


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