From Driving to Sex, Most Consumers Don’t Think Cannabis Impairs Their Performance

It goes without saying that people who use cannabis will have different opinions about the drug than people who do not. But you may be surprised to see how drastic the difference between the two can be.

Civilized teamed up with PSB Research to interview over 1,000 Americans and 600 Canadians, both cannabis users and non-users, about their thoughts on the drug and its effects. One of the questions we asked was whether people believed marijuana use impaired a person’s performance in a variety of tasks.

Unsurprisingly, cannabis users were less likely to believe that marijuana impaired their performance than non-users. For instance, 58 percent of non-cannabis users in the United States said they believed using marijuana impaired a person’s ability to drive. But only 38 percent of cannabis users said the same thing. 

But the results from Canadian respondents was much

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