The Best Sex Weed Products: Lube, Edibles, Vaginal & Anal Suppositories

I’ve never loved weed. I don’t hate it, but I rarely seek it out, as I’m a naturally paranoid person who is already pretty committed to her go-to substances. For years, though, avid smokers have told me that high sex is the best sex. I’ve never experienced it, unless you count the other person being high, which is most of the times I have sex. (I have a type.) But the last few years have seen a proliferation of weed-related sex products that have felt, at times, overwhelming; each month we’re told about a new gimmick incorporating cannabis and (usually) women’s genitalia.

Eventually, being bombarded with dildos that are also pipes and hot-pink pot paraphernalia makes you want to try it out for yourself. So I tested out a range of marijuana-themed products, from vaginal suppositories to weed lube, designed specifically to heighten sexual pleasure. The results were

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