May 2018

CHICAGO (CBS) — Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) resigned as Deputy House Majority leader and from two other commissions on Thursday after a woman accused him of harassment. Medical marijuana advocate, Maryann Loncar says Lou Lang tried to seducer her, then tried to crush her when she opposed his position on medical marijuana. Speaking at a press conference in Springfield, Maryann Loncar […]

Despite the name, the point isn’t to get high at Kikoko’s tea parties May 29, 2018 Steffi Victorioso Business, cannabis, Marijuana Comments It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon in Santa Monica, and roughly 7o people have gathered for a tea party. Over the clinking and clanking of tea cups and saucers, the guests converse about the […]

At a debate among California’s top six gubernatorial candidates earlier this year, the backdrop read El Momento de la Verdad – The Moment of Truth. “Just for the record,” asked moderator Jorge Ramos, anchor for the Spanish-language news network, Univision, “will you raise your hand if you’ve ever used pot?” Up went the hands. Former […]

When growing for consumption, it’s important to raise female plants, not males. | Photo by Rachel Weill If you’re growing your backyard cannabis plants from seed — a practice I recommended to gardeners over the last few weeks —  you have to know something about sex. No, I’m not talking about shtupping while stoned. I’m […]

JUNEAU, Alaska – When Danielle Schumacher attended her first convention of marijuana activists about 15 years ago, she could count on one hand all the women in a room of older men. The lack of diversity struck the then-college student, who remembers feeling out of place but also determined to make her mark. “That feeling […]