5 reasons CBD-infused lube will elevate your sex life

Newsflash: High sex is better. Thankfully, there’s more than one way to get lifted before you hit the bedroom. CBD-infused lube is the perfect product if you don’t love getting high but you love having great pseudo stoner sex. With tons of products on the market, and even a burgeoning men’s focused line of products from companies like Jack, we have a handy little primer on the (almost) miraculous world of weed lube.

1. Don’t Worry, You’re Not Going to Get High

KnobPolish7 5 reasons CBD infused lube will elevate your sex life
Photo courtesy of Altitude Products

Not everyone loves getting high! Whether due to personal preference or medical reasons, there are those that would rather not smoke or vape. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get to reap the benefits of CBD when they head into the boudoir.

CBD-infused lube

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