I’m a Cannabis-Using Mom. How Should I Talk to My Kids About Legalization?

I am a journalist living in Toronto who covers fashion, beauty and lifestyle topics. I smoked my first joint in my parent’s garage when I was 17 and they were away for the weekend. (Sorry, mom and dad!). Since then, I’ve treated cannabis as a fun escape on the weekends, on occasion indulging during the week.

In the past year, cannabis has begun to play a role in my career. I’ve learned more about the industry and how it’s going to change the country once legalization hits (either sometime this summer or fall). I’ve also digested information about different strains and the benefits that cannabis can have medicinally.

But one thing still has me stumped: How am I going to broach the subject of cannabis with my daughter? Thankfully, she is only a year and a half old, so I have some time, but it is something that I think of often.

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