48 points to better sex (I)

Funmi Akingbade

[email protected]

We are all aware that a good menu consists of variety of food types, in various forms served with various dishes, eaten with different anticipation. So likewise are sexual menus. It will be discouraging to create special appointment and at the end of the appointment, there are no ‘special dishes’ that are commensurate with the appointment.

One, you have to appear sexy to the taste of your spouse because there are scores of individual childhood and adult experiences that strongly shape their idea of what is and what is not sexy. You must appeal to your spouse’s sex taste bud. A sexy appearance helps condition a mate’s arousal mood.

Two, one of the things a wife must invest in at all times is her ‘undies’ and brassiere, you must be current as to the latest in town. This among many others easily gets the attention of the man any time

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