Opinion: It’s Past Time to Stop the Sexualization of Cannabis

Jessica Ginet works at Shadowbox Farms, one of Oregon’s largest adult-use cannabis cultivators, and grows medical cannabis on her own land. She lives, works, and writes in herbaceous southern Oregon. Jessica seeks to remove stereotypes and reveal a more accurate depiction of who consumes cannabis and why.

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Old-time cigarette ads bring to mind a different time and place, a Mad Men-style era when sexism was on display in everyday life and played a prevalent part in advertising. These gems from Tipalet Cigarettes are a case in point: “Give her your Tipalet and watch her smoke,” one says. Another: “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere.”

Such misogynistic advertising might seem straight out of midcentury America, but when you compare it to present-day cannabis marketing efforts, it’s not clear that much has changed.

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