Why the sex life of a cannabis seed matters

When growing cannabis for consumption, it's important to grow female plants, not males.

When growing for consumption, it’s important to raise female plants, not males. | Photo by Rachel Weill

If you’re growing your backyard cannabis plants from seed — a practice I recommended to gardeners over the last few weeks —  you have to know something about sex. No, I’m not talking about shtupping while stoned. I’m talking about the need to differentiate male and female cannabis plants.

Which, really, is reason enough for me to want to grow weed. It’s the only crop I’ve ever grown that needs this sort of attention, and I find that fascinating.

It’s thrown around as indisputable truth that a healthy harvest depends on a male-free crop. One male plant can mess the whole thing up, they’ll say. You’ll get — shudder — seeds!

But hold up. When I

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