Afternoon Delight, Kikoko Cannabis Events Bridge Generation Gap …

So when Katie Partlow, curator of the bimonthly cannabis art and educational event series Afternoon Delight, invited me to Sunday’s event, I welcomed it as an opportunity for some mother-daughter bonding.

My mom and I are the kind of pair who can go from screaming at each other to joking around in a matter of minutes. She’s a Fran Drescher–meets–Susie Green (Jeff’s wife from Curb Your Enthusiasm), an overbearing Jewish mother from Queens, but with enviable stories of being a once-chill Grateful Dead head in the hazy-dazy paisley decades before I was born. A certified yoga teacher with an eye for fashion, my mom is at her best when she’s learning. Genuinely earnest and curious, she has been the ultimate sidekick to my reporting ventures, including last Sunday’s Afternoon Delight, followed later that day by a “high tea,” hosted by cannabis tea company Kikoko.

As Partlow explained to

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