Rep. Lou Lang Resigns From House Committees After Sexual Harassment Allegations

CHICAGO (CBS) — Rep. Lou Lang (D-Skokie) resigned as Deputy House Majority leader and from two other commissions on Thursday after a woman accused him of harassment.

Medical marijuana advocate, Maryann Loncar says Lou Lang tried to seducer her, then tried to crush her when she opposed his position on medical marijuana.

Speaking at a press conference in Springfield, Maryann Loncar said, “I was harassed. I was intimidated. I was humiliated,” by Lang.

In a statement, Lang refuted Loncar’s accusations, claiming instead that Lang was disgruntled after not receiving a cannabis dispensary license for her company.

“My priority was not helping those seeking to profit off medical marijuana, like, Ms. Loncar, who wanted a cannabis dispensary license for her company, Patient’s Health Care; but, apparently failed at her money-making effort to secure a dispensary license,” stated Lang.

Maryann Loncar says she met Rep. Lou Lang when she came to Springfield as an ordinary citizen, advocating for medical marijuana, alleging his actions crossed

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