This Low-THC Cannabis Tea Is Here To Help You Have Better Sex

Like the way that cannabis can enhance your sexual encounters, but find yourself getting a little too high to perform sometimes? Maybe give Kikoko’s low Sensuali-tea a try.

Kikoko creators Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin launched Sensuali-tea – a cannabis tea with low-THC content – in order to deal with common complaints among consumers who use marijuana to get in the mood.

Mixing sex with cannabis can be tougher than you might think. It can be tricky to strike the right potency balance with marijuana edibles. You can end up with something that is far too strong making you higher than you may have wanted to be. Plus, edibles take effect slower than when you smoke marijuana, meaning you might experience some of the effects at inopportune times. But smoking itself can kill the mood – especially if you get turned off by the smell of pot smoke.

For these reasons, Jones and Chapin developed their

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