Nearly 1/3 Of Americans Think Cannabis Consumption Is Morally Objectionable

Most people don’t have a moral dilemma when they see a joint getting passed around, but a surprisingly large number of Americans say they are morally opposed to marijuana.

In a survey conducted by Gallup to measure how Americans viewed the moral ramification of various lifestyles and activities, cannabis use garnered support from nearly 2/3 of respondents. In total, 65 percent of respondents said smoking weed is morally acceptable. That puts good ol’ Mary Jane a little behind alcohol on the moral-acceptability-scale, with 78 percent of respondents believing drinking is OK. In fact, the only thing on Gallup’s 22-item list that Americans said was more acceptable than alcohol was birth control, which is a welcome sight for reproductive rights activists.

Meanwhile, legalization activists are probably astounded to see that 31 percent of respondents said smoking marijuana is morally objectionable.

Divorce, premarital sex, gambling, same-sex relationships and stem cell research were all considered more morally acceptable

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