Weedmaps – Breaking from its Political Allies?

Weedmaps, an online mapping service to help marijuana consumers find marijuana providers, is coming under fire from both within and without the marijuana industry.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the “California Cannabis Industry Association became the latest player in the marijuana game to call out Weedmaps for continuing to advertise unlicensed retailers.”

Marijuana Industry Weedmaps Divided

During the legalization initiative campaign for recreational pot in 2016, the marijuana industry – largely medical marijuana providers and service industry like Weedmaps – was united. As the law has been implemented, local municipalities have made the licensing for pot companies sufficiently restrictive that not every company has a license available to it. Legal cannabis companies are now notifying the Bureau of Cannabis Control of their former colleagues who could not get one of the limited number of licenses.

In February, California Bureau of Cannabis Control Chief Lori Ajax sent a cease and desist letter to Weedmaps instructing

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