CBD Is Changing Sexual Health And Wellness

Kim Koehler started her cannabis business because she was on a mission to help women. Specifically, to help women with sexual satisfaction.

In her 12 year career as an entrepreneur, Koehler had already launched multiple advertising and marketing campaigns before starting Privy Peach, a women-focused CBD topical company. When Koehler began working with a cannabis marketing agency, she noticed most cannabis products simply did not appeal to most women.

According to Koehler, no products on the market targeted women-specific issues, and she hadn’t come across any female-targeted cannabis products that, without the labels stripped away, would still clearly be geared towards women. So, Koehler created a line of products that would make women “feel good, smell good, and look good.”

Koehler set out to create a natural lubricant specifically designed for women with sensitivities and pain during sex. Her products are made with hemp-derived CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. By using CBD derived

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