What Is Ganja Goddess Getaway?

“Make sure you grab some breakfast and hit the dab bar!” It was 8:40 in the morning and this was my first set of instructions when I arrived at the campgrounds just south of Half Moon Bay, CA. I shouldn’t have expected anything less than a wake and bake at Ganja Goddess Getaway, a weekend-long retreat for female-identifying cannabis enthusiasts and basically my dream holiday.

I unfortunately missed the 4/20 festivities the day before — which were reportedly “f*cking epic” — so I joined the following morning from San Francisco instead. Some women were just getting out of their tents while others were sleepily eating breakfast or taking their first dabs of the morning. In case you’re unfamiliar with dabbing, it involves heating a small amount of cannabis extract on a “nail” surface (that’s usually scorched

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