These Sex Workers Are Rescuing Female Orgasms With Weed Lube

Mistress Matisse, a Seattle-area sex educator, writer, and professional dominatrix, has been an outspoken figure in the world of kink and sex work for decades. Her weekly column in The Stranger, “Control Tower,” was the first sex advice column fully dedicated to kink. On Twitter, she describes herself as a “perverse, prolific, profane, political, pansexual, polyamorous dominatrix and writer.”

Thus, it’s not exactly surprising that she ended up in the cannabis industry.

“I’ve been a professional domme for twenty years or so, and I’ve been sex a worker for longer than that,” she says. “Perhaps it was my life as a domme to also think that this kind of quasi-legal industry would be a good fit for me.”

It’s even less surprising that her first product is a weed lube, called Velvet Swing. While weed lube—rightly touted as ... read more at: