RECAP: Day three of former Yeovil youth football coach and Scout helper David Byrne’s historical sex offences trial

A former Yeovil town councillor is on trial for historical sex offence charges.

David Byrne, 55, is facing four charges involving children aged as young as nine and dating back nearly 40 years at Taunton Crown Court.

Byrne, of West Hendford in Yeovil, was a Conservative member of Yeovil Town Council until 2016.

He is also a former Scout helper and ran local youth football teams.

He stands accused of four counts of indecent assault which he has denied in previous hearings.

At the Crown court in April 2017, Byrne denied two accusations that between October 14, 1993 and October 15, 1995, at West Hendford, he indecently assaulted a 13-year-old boy.

He also denies further charges of indecent assault on two boys aged nine or 10 between December 31, 1978 and January 1, 1981.

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