Does WEED boost your libido? Experts explain why marijuana joints and lubes may make sex feel more intense for …

Marijuana has been portrayed in our culture as a way to suppress nausea, treat nerve pain and of course to get high .

But, for centuries, cannabis has also had another use: as an aphrodisiac.

Its use is documented in India and China as far back as the seventh century and, in the 1890s, American marriage guides recommended cannabis for help in boosting sex drive.

While there has been no concrete research linking marijuana and libido, sex therapists say the drug can help relax both partners and eliminate performance anxiety to make sex more pleasurable.

However, cannabis is not a one-size-fits all drug and, while it might evoke pleasure for some, it could turn off sex drive for others.

Daily Mail Online spoke to two sex experts who discussed how using pot can provide for better sex, as well as negative side effects that can be experienced too.

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