Where there’s smoke: Cannabis-based products could lead to better …

But too much of a good thing can create a dependence or worse — pressure to perform. Switnicki warned with women, arousal is much more complex because the female cycle is simply different.

“We want instant gratification, but for partners to connect they need to do the work,” she said, adding the key to heighten their sexual experience is to feel “safe.”

And there aren’t long-term studies about how weed-use works with sex, she added.

Josh Kaplan, neuroscientist and panel member, said the interest in cannabis use and sex sparked in the ’60s where scientists surveyed university campuses where respondents said “indeed, this makes sex better.”

Then the science dropped off. But a study last year at Stanford University found that there was a high correlation between cannabis use and sexual frequency.

Though the study did not prove pot makes for better sex, Kaplan said it does point to how the drug

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