My Quest to Get My Vagina High

This piece is part of a series of personal stories by writer Karley Sciortino recapping her experiences investigating the world of sex for SLUTEVER on VICELAND.

For my whole life, I feel like I’ve heard over and over again that weed makes sex better. People claim weed enhances the sensation of sex, it makes you cum harder, it relaxes you. The idea of combining weed and sex has been around forever.

But I’ve never been a big weed smoker, because weed always makes me paranoid and convinced that I’m peeing my pants. So, I’ve never related to the idea that weed enhances sex. But I’ve always envied people who are into it, because I think everyone knows that alcohol doesn’t make sex better. (It might make me more uninhibited, but it literally melts my vagina and decreases my ability to cum.) I envy the

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