These Cannabis Teas Will Help You Have Better Sex. You’re Welcome.

Tea parties just got a lot sexier thanks to Amanda Jones and Jennifer Chapin. The co-founders of Kikoko are taking herbal refreshment to the next level with their line of cannabis-infused teas.

Each of Kikoko’s four teas provide a unique, targeted, and relatively mellow high. There’s Sympa-Tea for pain relief, Tranquil-Tea for sleep, Positivi-Tea for mood boosting. And then there’s the steamiest of hot beverages — Sensuali-Tea, which heightens sexual pleasure, and promises to “intensify the Big O.”

Jones and Chapin arrived at the idea for the teas after a dear friend of theirs was diagnosed with cancer. While she found cannabis useful in treating her symptoms, she was averse to smoking it, and wanted a product that wouldn’t get her too high or have an overwhelming cannabis taste. “We blithely said, ‘We’ll make one for you,’” Jones told Civilized. “We chose tea,” she chuckled to herself, “The hardest delivery method.”

Kikoko co-founders

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