This THC-Infused Sexual Supplement Is Meant to Get You Extra *Ahem* Lifted

I met with Ted Naylon, CEO of Revered, Inc., at Quest Concentrates to learn more about CannaMojo. Revered entered the cannabis industry last year with the AeroInhaler, a cannabis inhaler that uses a medical-grade propellant to deliver THC directly to your lungs without smoke, heat, or carcinogens.

When looking for new cannabis-related products to develop, Ted thought of HardMojo, a male-enhancement supplement that has been selling successfully in the non-cannabis space for the past three years. And that’s where the story of CannaMojo begins.

What Is CannaMojo and Where Is It Available?

(Courtesy of CannaMojo)

CannaMojo is a sexual enhancement supplement for men that’s boosted with THC. The sexual enhancement portion of the supplement is based on an herbal blend called HardMojo that has been used successfully by more than 4.3 million customers over the past five years.

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