‘Sex toy oils with marijuana’ a concern for key state senator if weed becomes legal

As the debate continues in Trenton over legalized marijuana, one New Jersey politician’s recent comments about the topic have raised some eyebrows.  

State Sen. Ronald Rice, D-Essex, chairman of the New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus, has long been vocal in his fight against legalization of marijuana, but in his recent sit down with NJTV he discussed his disdain for certain weed products that possibly could end up in stores.  

“If, in fact, we legalize recreational marijuana … they’re going to put up stores that do retail selling of cupcakes with marijuana, candies with marijuana, sex toy oils with marijuana, lipsticks with marijuana, all those kind of products that kids can get and people can get,” Rice said to NJTV. 

“When you legalize marijuana recreationally, the number of people that have never used any type of drugs goes up substantially with drug use,” he said. 

The state senator could not be reached for comment Saturday. 

NJTV also

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