Senator Concerned Legal Cannabis Will Lead To Infused Sex Toy …

By Benjie Cooper

IG: @nuglifenews

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Move over, gateway drug argument, there’s a new marijuana legalization fear in town. State Senator and chairman of the New Jersey Legislative Black Caucus, Ronald Rice [D-Essex] has a novel reason why cannabis should remain illegal.

Rice is described by NJTV as the chief obstacle in Trenton to marijuana legalization, and has argued in the past that regulating marijuana use in the state would lead to increased crime, addiction problems, and deaths. But now, the Garden State senator has some new concerns to add to the list.

“If, in fact, we legalize recreational marijuana,” Rice told NJTV in an interview. “Right across the street from my office they’re going to put up stores, they want to call them dispensaries, they’re going to be stores that do retail selling of cupcakes with marijuana, candies with marijuana, sex toy oils with marijuana, lipsticks

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