Yes, Marijuana Lube Is a Thing. A Pretty Good Thing, Too

There’s a state senator in New Jersey who’s really freaked out about the idea of people using cannabis lube with sex toys. Seriously.

Last week, state Sen. Ronald Rice, the Democratic leader of New Jersey’s Legislative Black Caucus and an ardent prohibitionist, repeated the oft-disproven claim that cannabis is a gateway drug, and came up with some new fiction about state-regulated cannabis leading to an increase in “the number of people who’ve never used any type of drugs” then using drugs.

Here’s a fuller quote from state Sen. Rice:

“If in fact we legalize recreational marijuana, right across the street from my office they’re going to put up stores. They want to call them dispensaries, but they’re going to be stores that do retail selling cupcakes with marijuana, candies with marijuana, sex toys and oils with marijuana, lipsticks with marijuana, all those kinds of products that kids can get and people can get.”


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