Take A Peek Inside This Elite Members-Only New York City Sex Club

Here is a glimpse into the NSFW secret clubhouse.Rodrigo Lizarraga for NSFW

On a recent Friday in New York City, curious couples and desirable singles gathered in a downtown club, but not for your average night out. They were there for an event hosted by the private sex club, NSFW, or the New Society for Wellness, which is known for its private play (read: sex) parties. Sex clubs such as NSFW are typically members’ only societies that throw private events, including sex parties, where members mingle and more in a private residence. The space is usually a high-end clubhouse or penthouse, with many bedrooms, condoms and lubes present, and perhaps even a kink dungeon. There is usually a bar, perhaps a cannabis sponsor, and sexy icebreaker games to get the night going. No photography is allowed and members’ privacy is of the utmost importance.

“NSFW’s goal is to spread

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