Can CBD Be Used To Enhance Sex?

Marijuana has been known to enhance the sex lives of couples who consume the herb before heading into the bedroom. But not every component of the cannabis plant is a powerful aphrodisiac. While the primary psychoactive compound known as THC has left more than its fair share of young, enthusiastic lovers in a wet spot, quivering from head to feet, CBD, the non-intoxicating part of the plant does not come with the same Earth-shattering results. In fact, using CBD in hopes of conjuring up the Gods of mind-blowing orgasms is about as effective as rubbing it all over your genitalia in hopes of preventing a nasty STD. Better call the clinic now, you’re going to need it!

Although CBD has the reputation these days for its vast therapeutic reach, the fact of the matter remains, high-CBD strains of marijuana are less likely to open a couple up to the kind of

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