Ontario House Leader Todd Smith talks PC decisions on legal cannabis, green energy and sex-ed

PC MPP for Bay of Quinte Todd Smith sat down with CKWS anchor Bill Hutchins to talk about the decisions made by the new PC government so far, and how those decisions, some considered controversial, may affect local issues.

Three election wins for Todd Smith, first time sitting as member of government

Cannabis legalization

Smith, who is the Ontario Government House Leader and Minister of Government and Consumer Services, spoke first about the privatization of cannabis, and how it might affect local businesses.

When Hutchins asked Smith whether smaller stores that sell marijuana paraphernalia might be considered as viable options for future pot shops, Smith said those retailers would have a shot at selling legal weed.

“If they’re a legal distributor of all of those different items that you need to participate in the recreational cannabis realm, then they’re fully able to participate. We would encourage

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