Pervert with foot sex fetish caught filming girls as young as eight in Aldi supermarket walks free from court

A pervert with a foot fetish has narrowly escaped jail after admitting filming the legs and feet of young girls in an Aldi supermarket for sexual gratification.

Kristian Stephan, 38, was caught in the act while recording girls as young as eight and also took video in Solihull town centre.

He later admitted to police he had taken the clips “for his own sexual gratification” and struggled to contain his needs, Birmingham Live reports.

He avoided prison after admitting two counts of outraging public decency, instead being slapped with a three-year community order – the highest non-prison sentence magistrates could impose.

Stephan was sentenced at Birmingham Magistrates’ Court
(Image: BPM Media)

Birmingham Magistrates’ Court heard Stephan, of Aldridge, was first spotted acting suspiciously

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