3 Questions: The Yield Growth Corp. CEO Penny Green on cannabis-infused sex, pot stocks, and lifestyle brands

Yaletown lawyer Penny Green likes to call herself a “serial entrepreneur”. 

She’s president and CEO of Vancouver-based The Yield Growth Corp., which has three brands under its wing.

They include cannabis sativa–infused cosmetics and therapeutic products under the Urban Juve label, a tech and marketing arm called Thrive Activations, and a data-collection division called Loop Insights.

We asked Green three questions in advance of her Saturday (September 8) speaking engagement at TEDx Vancouver, which takes place at UBC’s Chan Centre for the Performing Arts. Her talk is being promoted as a way to learn how cannabis can make you richer and sexier, so that’s where the interview began.

Georgia Straight: How can cannabis improve a person’s sex life?

Penny Green: Cannabis can be a powerful aphrodisiac. Depending on the strains, it can heighten emotional and physical sensitivity, improve stamina and creativity, and can lead to sensory ecstasy. Smoking or vaping cannabis can intensity feelings of closeness with a partner. Using

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