Science Finally Confirms It: Cannabis Users Have More And Better Sex

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If you’ve ever found yourself thinking that if a prohibitionist politician won’t smoke a joint, then they just needed to get laid and chill out, you were probably right. It turns out that some of that hatred aimed at cannabis users likely stems from deep-seated and unacknowledged jealousy borne of sexual frustration. After all, it’s long been a claim of the prohibitionist movement that cannabis and fornication go hand-in-hand. Now, scientists are starting to actually explore this correlation.

The first study of its kind has established that cannabis users actually do have sex more frequently. The study, which was recently published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, looked at information from more than 28,000 women and almost 23,000 men. They found that people who smoked cannabis every day were having 20% more sex than the people who never use cannabis.

Of course, more sex doesn’t

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