‘No amount of cannabis is safe’: Kids and pot shouldn’t mix, experts warn parents

When Michelle Bilodeau needs a moment to relax after a long week, the Toronto mom doesn’t reach for a beer, she uses cannabis.

Describing herself as an out and proud user, the 39-year-old recalls one time when she took too much of an edible before bathing her 22-month old daughter.

“I realized while I was giving her her bath that it was like the longest, most fun bath she’d ever had in her life, because I was just very in the moment,” she told CBC Toronto, adding that she never smokes in front of her daughter, but will use CBD oil when she needs it.

‘No amount of cannabis is safe for unborn children’

Bilodeau says she didn’t use cannabis during her pregnancy or breastfeeding, and with just a couple weeks to go before pot becomes legal in Canada, a guide warning against using weed during pregnancy, breastfeeding and as a parent is sprouting up in some hospitals.

The pamphlet, which is distributed

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