Dear Ty: The highs and lows of stoned sex

Dear Ty,

I’ve been a lover of cannabis since my high school days, and with legalization about to turn the tables across the country, my partner is finally ready to give it a shot. My hope is that a little further down the road, they’ll be open to incorporating it into our sex life. Any pointers to help ease them into the realm of high sex?

—Sensual Stoner

Dear SS,

It is indeed quite the exciting time in Canada. Come Oct. 17, cannabis will officially be legalized from coast to coast to coast—secretive consumption no more. But this turning point in Canadian cannabis culture will also mean many people like your partner may now be more open to giving weed a taste, which certainly  open the bedroom door to the world of stoned sex.

I’ll start of by giving some tips for your newcomer partner before diving into

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