Could ‘Cannabis Compatibility’ Reshape Canada’s Dating Scene?

Have you ever had a relationship where one partner used medical marijuana or just loved to puff and the other partner not only wasn’t down, but couldn’t get their head around it? Chances are, if you have, it wasn’t your longest lasting relationship. Cannabis is a major player when it comes to romance and it can either be a buzzkill or an enhancement.

Take Canadian Steve Bisson, who loves his weed. He’s tried having “sober” partners, but it’s never stuck in those situations. Pot becomes an issue eventually. He told CTV News, “I’m going to smoke regardless. If my partner has a problem with it, then that won’t be my partner.”

In his current situation, though, Bisson said imbibing with his partner on weekends has made them closer — in a lot of ways, sex not being the

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