Nevada’s Best Intimate Cannabis Topicals

Below, Nevada’s best oil-based infused lubes are the star of the show. But before the fireworks explode, remember that oil-based intimacy products can cause latex condoms to be prone to deterioration. The vulva and vagina are made of thin, delicate skin tissue that allows for absorption of ingredients, but may also be prone to irritation. Take precautions if you have sensitive skin or are non-monogamous.

Intimate Massage Oil by Evergreen Organix

(Courtesy of Evergreen Organix)

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The carefully crafted and hand-made topicals made by one of Nevada’s best edibles company, Evergreen Organix, range from lip balms to sunscreen, as well as products blended specifically for intimacy and massage.

Their Intimate Massage Oil was developed specifically for the female experience and is safe to apply inside the vagina and

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