Canada grew up and legalised cannabis. Over to you, Australia

It’s high time. My home and native land, Canada, just legalised pot, making good on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s 2015 campaign promise. Pot became legal in Canada the day after Queensland’s parliament voted to legalise abortion. Depending on your political bent, Canada is typically a half-generation or so ahead of Australia on the path to enlightenment or perdition (see also: same sex marriage).

Canada legalises marijuana.

Canada legalises marijuana.Credit:The Canadian Press

The months preceding liftoff brought the usual anticipatory chaos. Analysts published fevered estimates of the size of the legal market. Investors poured money into cannabis stocks. Big companies inhaled smaller ones.

While the legislation is federal, it is up to the provinces to regulate their own retail markets. All scrambled to create rules for allocating licenses and the number and location of retail outlets. Law enforcement agencies struggled to define and figure out how to measure impairment. Some

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