Smoking marijuana may mean sparks in the bedroom, study says

Many people have long sworn by cannabis for improving their love life by helping them be more compassionate toward their partner and providing a little courage to try new things. Now there’s scientific evidence that backs up weed’s impact between the sheets.

Researchers found both men and women who used pot on the daily had sex way more often than those who didn’t—like, 20 percent more often.

A 2017 analysis examined data from 50,000 Americans between 2002 to 2015 and found a link between smoking marijuana and having sex. Researchers asked how often participants did the dirty in the past four weeks as well as how frequently they smoked in the past year, and results showed that both men and women who lit up on the daily had sex way more often than those who didn’t. Like, 20 percent more often.

But, study author Michael Eisenberg, MD, noted in a press release that just because pot smokers reported having more sex doesn’t mean

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